1. Lutalica
    Mark Takeshi McGregor

  2. Life in the Universe
    Thomas Beckman

  3. Space Elevator
    Mike WT Allen

  4. Apogee
    Farshid Samandari

  5. Rosetta Stone
    Jordan Nobles

  6. Saxophilia

  7. Brocade
    Rockeys Duo

  8. East
    William George, tenor; and Michael Strutt, guitar

  9. Concentric Rings
    Victoria Guitar Trio

  10. Katana of Choice
    Ben Reimer

  11. Surface Tension - Jordan Nobles
    Ethos Collective

  12. Toy Piano Composers
    Toy Piano Composers Ensemble

  13. Raging Against The Machine
    Thin Edge New Music Collective and Ensemble Paramirabo

  14. New Wave
    Standing Wave

  15. Redshift XV

  16. Israfel
    Paolo Bortolussi

  17. Concert #3 Le Gesù
    Of Sound, Mind and Body

  18. Immersion - Jordan Nobles
    Negative Zed

  19. Thirst
    musica intima and Turning Point Ensemble

  20. A Gossamer Bit
    Allison Cameron and Contact

  21. Songs from the Rainshadow's Edge

  22. Chansons
    Cantabile Chamber Singers, Cheryll J. Chung, conductor

  23. Sassicaia
    SEA and SKY (François Houle, clarinet; and Jane Hayes, piano)

  24. PEP (Piano and Erhu Project) Vol. 2
    Corey Hamm, piano; Nicole Ge Li, erhu

  25. PEP (Piano and Erhu Project) Vol. 1
    Corey Hamm, piano; Nicole Ge Li, erhu

  26. Zwischen den Wolken
    André Cormier, composer

  27. Redshift Ringtones
    Negative Zed

  28. Dew-Drops on a Lotus Leaf
    Margo Richter

  29. Ziggurat
    Neal Bennett

  30. Beyond Shadows
    The Nu:BC Collective

  31. Rzewski: The People United Will Never Be Defeated!
    Corey Hamm

  32. Sins and Fantasies
    Mark Takeshi McGregor

  33. Modern Hearts
    Adrian Verdejo

  34. Trade Winds DOUBLE CD!
    Tiresias Duo

  35. Liquid States
    Standing Wave

  36. Redshift X

  37. Vox Terra
    Cris Inguanti, clarinet

  38. Undercurrents - Jordan Nobles

  39. Cosmophony
    Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa

  40. Different Stones
    Mark Takeshi McGregor

  41. Delicate Fires
    Tiresias Duo

  42. The Ascension of Micky's Piano
    Jeffrey Neufeld, piano

  43. Möbius
    Jordan Nobles

  44. fingerpainting
    Jordan Nobles


Redshift Music Vancouver, British Columbia

Redshift was founded in Vancouver, Canada with a focus on championing the music of contemporary composers.

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